Still, more to go for the react-native future

shrey vijayvargiya
4 min readMay 21, 2023

My pissed-off story of mobile app development in react-native

Photo by Omar Ram on Unsplash

Under the Hood

The story begins as you can know that I am working with a web3 and AI-based startup. My job is to develop a mobile application and the tech I’ve chosen is react-native.

React Native is already new in the web2 domain and so forget about web3, will the community ever bring something to the table for the web3 domain?

What Piss me OFF?

Every time, I mean every time, I pick react native project I face some difficulties and most of the time it’s related to the following things

  • Gradle version or plugin issues
  • JDK location or not installed issues
  • React Native compatible version issues
  • SDK location or not found issues
  • Java version issues

These are not so-important things for mobile app developers to learn or master but they tend to disturb a lot of development time.

Most of the time react-native projects build and work successfully in one github branch but not in the other branches.

Sometimes even installing one npm module in react-native breaks the entire APK building process.

This seems to be not so important but it literally becomes the bottleneck problem when it comes to developing applications fast.

No reuse concepts in React Native

Yeah, that’s my equation, if I’ve already done one thing why redo it?

Why can’t I reuse it, just like React components?

I am a big fan of reusing things but this react-native thing is not allowing for reusing much of the things.

I mean even the installation of the new npm module has the tendency to disturb the entire repository APK building process or let’s say the development process so we have to be a little bit cautious while doing so.

I have this gradle version issue in my web3 react-native wallet app. So I googled and ask Chat GPT the ways around to solve the problem.