Karyam: Simplest Everyday Writing App

shrey vijayvargiya
4 min readJun 5, 2024


What is the most simple thing any writing app should have is to write every day, write every day.

Demo: https://karyam.vercel.app/

Under the Hood

I am asking myself a lot of questions to myself to design or making an app that is simple but designing a website and interface is just a few inches away from making it all complicated

Add a few more directions or a school of thought in your app design and things start getting complex.

I was reading 12 Weeks in a Year by Brian where he helped to strategise the 12-week plan as a complete year instead of 12 months and then set the targets accordingly.

The strategy is somehow closer to what Elon suggested a few years back(not sure about the year), “Do what you have planned for a year in 6 months and compress it down to accomplish it within 3 months”.

My opinion might be wrong and pardon me in advance.

Moving back to the story, why Karyam?


Karyam is the simplest everyday writing app (for the time being). The idea was simple to give a new doc or writing editor every day and save and view all my writings in one place.

I’ve added a few more things as personal choices as follows

  • Google login
  • Realtime save
  • View all writings in one place
  • Export my content into different output formats such as HTML, PDF, Markdown
  • Make it public (for others to read)
  • Simple yet advanced editor meaning it should have all core functions and UI components to add

Personal choices might sound too much but this is the basic need for every writing app and one can argue for not adding GPT or AI-powered features to make it modern.

Want a demo:


You need to log in(Google Login) before using it because (privacy is a myth, my friend)

I have been using it for the past few months and I am quite confident about using and writing on karyam.

Here are a few reasons why Karyam is so better(at least in my opinion)

  • Advanced Notion and Google Doc writing editor
  • Incorporated all required features any writing app should have
  • Save, Share and Export easily in other formats

How I am using Karyam

Well, this is my app so certainly I would try to use it for all purposes and the main reason is to witness all the required features to add as well as pain points to address.

Certainly, karyam is not for all kinds of people but I made it simple so that every day one starts and uses it.

Simple Google login with simple real-time save as well view all karyams in one place.

Here is where I am using it Karyam

  • To write daily journalling whenever needed (Karyam is published on this link)
  • To add my to-do (karyam can be used in a phone browser as well, it’s response)
  • To write the newsletter and send HTML via API (write on the editor and export the content in HTML format and send it using backend API)
  • To write blogs and convert the content for multiple platforms such as Medium, DevTo, Hashnode and so on
  • To share something randomly or daily notes or anything with anyone(Make karyam public in export settings and anyone can read your karyam)
karyam app page image

One can predict that I made Karyam incorporate the above 4 requirements in one app.

What’s Next!!

Here is the feedback form to submit the next feature request.


Currently, I am brainstorming what’s next can be done so stay tuned to this newsletter to know more.

But to give hints, I am thinking of giving small yet useful features such as

  • HTML editor (Design the content HTML according to your need and send it as a Newsletter)
  • Write multiple notes per day (Currently one one editor per day is available)

Development Stack

If you are reading my previous blogs you can guess my fav or 2024 tech stack.

  • Next.js + React.js
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Mantine Dev or ShadcnUI
  • React Query
  • Firebase or Supabase
  • Redux or Xstate
  • Vercel or Netlify
  • Github or Git

Here is the boilerplate to use

That’s it
See you in the next one