Finally, the question of how to centre a div is OVER !!!

shrey vijayvargiya
3 min readMay 20, 2024

Hello everyone,

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A lot is going on in the programming domain, React conference 2024, GoogleI/O and chatGPT 4-o are the top most trending news in the last week.

React Conf 2024

Let’s start by providing overviews as well as detailed resources about each of them.

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First, we will switch to React Conf 2024, the most awaited thing is over. If you have worked with react.js you must have experience in optimising code. I’ve written almost 10+ blogs on optimising react code and have been asked again and again in every interview about the same topic, How to optimise the react code and so on.

Watch all the React Conf videos over here on the YouTube channel

But the wait is OVER, React Compiler is open-source, and React Compiler itself compiles the code by adding the memoization as well as caching the react code at the run time and this makes everything easy.

In simple words, react code needs or requires 2 hooks to optimise the code, number 1 is useMemo and number 2 is useCallback.

But after the React compiler, we don’t need them anymore because the steps of…