Everything is going too fast

shrey vijayvargiya
3 min readMay 25, 2024

Slow it down, people!!!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Last year, when GPT was released AI was trending in the market.

However, I landed a remote opportunity in the Web3 domain, developing wallet apps for web3 users.

Web3 was still trending and new or latest technology in the market but we have AI or so-called GPT models.

ChatGPT just makes our life either too miserable or too good or easy, I am not sure because instead of enjoying free time in the world we humans are working more and more.

Product Hunt is filled with many apps, websites, and tools already being developed.

Twitter is bombarded with people launching their apps and websites.

  • GoogleI/O was last week
  • ChatGPT launched GPT 4–o this month
  • Canva have new releases this week
  • Vercel and React released new versions

a lot is going on in technology

Developers are working overtime!!

Solo developers are worrying and consistently learning they have no time to rest, how want to rest in 2024?

Does anyone feel like this is going too fast, technology is often going all-time high development rate and there is no sign of abating.