Designing, Development and Writing

shrey vijayvargiya
3 min readMay 15

How I learn different things at the same time

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Under the Hood

As system thinking says all of them are interconnected, so never feel that designing, development and writing are not connected.

Even your profession which has nothing in common with any new topic will have something as interconnected it is just like we need to look deeper.

I am a Designer who learn Figma but before that, I am an engineer who learns development and after all this shit in life I am a writer now.

Who knows what will happen in future but I want to learn entrepreneurship.

How it Started

It all started with the zeal of creating something on my own.

I always want to run a blog website my own content website to share my opinions.

So I started learning web development 5 years ago.

I got my first job in software development and I learn React and React Native that year.

After that, I want to create a full-fledged product including the backend so I buy the Node JS course and learn backend and databases.

Followed by learning elastic search, authentication and web scraping.

But the story is not over yet, after starting and running my website I want to go for designing.

I want to develop beautiful interfaces that just grab attention and feel good factor.

So I pick dribble and start 30 days design challenge and that’s where I ended up learning Figma and other design concepts such as Design Thinking and so on.

What’s next, Blockchain was booming so I thought to pick it up and that’s where I found Moralis and Web3 Firebase.

So I create sample projects and organise this one-day hackathon project for myself and that’s where I am able to get started with blockchain easily.

But I didn’t stop there then I buy moralis solidity courses and learn that also and develop smart contracts using that course.

In the End, Everything gonna be alright

shrey vijayvargiya