Cool Tools & Hot Trends: Generative AI & Smart Scraping

shrey vijayvargiya
2 min readMay 31, 2024


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Mailyto — Open-source Email Editor

I was searching the email editors npm module or probably tools and found the mailyto among the first on the Google search. I’ve used the website and found it pleasing, and a good user experience as well, so I’m sharing it with devs across the globe, in addition, this is a cool small project frontend developers can add to their portfolio.

Tiptap: Rich Text Editor

I reached to tiptap website through Google Inspect. While inspecting the mailyto website, the first thing I did was to open Google Inspect and that’s where I found this cool open-source module to build a rich text editor in the front end.

Frontend Resources

An extensive list of resources for front-end development developers.

Smart Scraping Web API, ScrapeNinja

ScrapeNinja is making $8K/month and it’s just a SAAS website run by a bunch of developers. This is a real deal breaker of how a developer can run a small yet huge profitable business out of his laptop. Check it out, a good inspiration for a small side project.

Vercel AI SDK Introduction

Watching vercel AI SDK videos on Youtube to get started with AI SDK in Next.js, here is the video

Vercel launched version 15 of Next.js

Vercel launched next.js version 15 after launching RSC components and vercel AI SDK we have a new version check the video as React 19 has also launched to vercel is thinking on the same ground. HINT: Something related to React Compiler which I’ve already mentioned in the last newsletter.

Want to learn Generative AI

Watch the YouTube video with more than a millions of views on Generative AI and what it is in a nutshell. LangChain is also quite trending to integrate LLMs or GPT into your website creating generative AI apps or AI-powered apps, watch this playlist for LLM apps

React 19 useOptimistic new hooks

React 19 will be live in May 2024 and the big change was React Compiler which I’ve already covered in the last newsletter. In addition, React 19 introduce a few more hooks and useOptimistic is one among them, watch the video to understand it.

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