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Probably you were using Flatlist in the wrong way, here are tips and tricks

Daily Design Inspiration

Under the hood

Last year, I was working on a cryptocurrency-based startup. we have developed a mobile application that was serving almost 5 Lakhs users, it was going good until a few comments on the google play store start getting more shares and likes. That comment was bashing our application because of his performance, our application in few devices specially older ones is lag a lot or even gets shut down in some cases. …

Developing React Native boilerplate with React Native Paper


Under the Hood

While working on React Native project you have to depend on a third party for UI elements. I’ve covered a story for the Top 5 UI libraries for react-native and in today’s story we will develop a boilerplate for the first Ui library and that is react-native-paper.


Let me start with React Native Paper. It is the react-native UI library with almost 10K Github stars. Developed by Callstack a Europe based react native development company. React Native Paper provides almost all the required UI elements with in-built theme support. …

Working with React Navigation, the one and only perfect navigation library in React Native.

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Under the Hood

The story begins when navigating a React Native application was required for our product. We were quite confused as to whether to choose the inbuilt library or create custom tabs navigation. Well, if you read the React Native documentation, you will come away with finding React Native Navigation as a preference over any other or custom-made UI library.


So in today’s story, we will install react-navigation in our React Native project and create a boilerplate out of it.

Here are the steps we will be following…

Getting started with Firestore, uploading images, and previewing in gallery mode in React

Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

Under the Hood

This story begins when we were creating admin content management for our website iHateReading. We wanted to create an interface for our designers and creators to upload their work directly into the database. It’s a kind of automation process of managing a database without doing it manually.

Complete code repository can be downloaded from here


In today’s story, we will create an Unsplash type of clone project by developing a single interface to upload our images with the title in the database. …

Another professional boilerplate for you developers.✌️😁

Under the Hood

The story begins with us creating every frontend UI React library boilerplate with Next.js. Now, we are heading towards other React frameworks. So, it's time to think about the architecture and installation processes we need to follow.

🔗 Click me to get the code 

Installing plugins and Tailwind CSS

In today’s story, we will install Tailwind CSS on our Gatsby site. The first step is to create our Gatsby project. You can read my article to get started with Gatsby or you can directly download the ready-to-use code.

Once that is completed, we will install Tailwind and some post…

Next JS developer getting started with Gatsby, let see what it has to offer 🙃


Under the Hood

If you have read my previous stories then you can easily predict that I am the greatest fan of Next JS so no chance of switching to CRA(Create React App) or Gatsby. Then why I am covering a new story on Gatsby, well the reason is that I want to know a bit more about other frameworks and also to provide world-class professional boilerplates to our audiences, as we did previously.

To check all the boilerplates we provide - iHateReading Repos


If you read the…

Getting started with Evergreen UI in React, developing boilerplate with perfect architecture.



Today’s story is using Evergreen UI in React. The ready-to-use code repository for React project can be downloaded from here. I am using Next JS as a React framework.

Under the Hood

We have pledged to create professional architecture boilerplates for our audiences. This single repos section will help you to gain professional knowledge by answering the most asked question, How the companies scale their architecture to solves complex problems?

We have already covered so many other boilerplates which you can find here. Do request us for any new boilerplate for any particular framework or library you want in the comments section.

Principles of Evergreen


Listing down the top 5 platforms to ponder on a daily basis for design inspiration



I always prefer dribbble over other platforms. This gives so good information about what goes on and off in the design era. Dribbble has tonnes of users and companies which are pretty active and keep updating their designs for the people like us to inspire. Dribbble also accords the learning courses, blogs, interviews of top designers, ultimately helping the budding designers like us to keep learning.

Listing down the top 5 UI React libraries, let me know which is your favourite😁✌️.


1. Material UI

What to say, Google developers develop this library for Angular and React also. Material UI library needs no introductions, almost all the UI components are available and easy to integrate into Next JS, Gatsby or CRA. I personally love its ripple effect and easy to extend theme features. You can use material UI with Styled components or Tailwind CSS and so on.

Just 12 things and most of the things I’ve already covered for you😁


Let now waste the time and directly jump to them

  • Frontend — Learn either React or Svelte or Vue but React is my first preference because it's not going anywhere least for 5 years.
  • React Framework — My always and first and foremost preference will be Next JS this made development so damm simple.
  • Frontend UI libraries — Either it's bootstrap or tailwind CSS or Chakra UI or Material UI or Ant Design or Semantic UI choice is yours just understand how to extend them acc. to your requirements.
  • State Management — Again which will be your…

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