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Developer by profession, Designer by interests & Journalists by blood. I write about Tech, Design & Creative Affairs. Website —

Probably you were using Flatlist in the wrong way, here are tips and tricks

Daily Design Inspiration

Under the hood

Last year, I was working on a cryptocurrency-based startup. we have developed a mobile application that was serving almost 5 Lakhs users, it was going good until a few comments on the google play store start getting more shares and likes. That comment was bashing our application because of his performance, our application in few devices specially older ones is lag a lot or even gets shut down in some cases. …

Testing whether Chakra UI can beat Material UI, Tailwind and Ant Design

The final product we will be developing

To all new readers, I am following the concept of creating all the widely used repositories for Frontend and Backend. You can find all the repositories from the link below.

Download the repository of your choice

Thie concept is so easy for developers to grasp the professional experience without actually working professionally. So I highly recommend checking it out.

Getting started

In today's story, we will create another frontend repository with Next JS and Chakra UI. I read a post a few days ago about chakra UI being the best…

Principles you must follow to develop a performant application.

Banner Image inspired from Canva

Getting started

I won’t take much time in introducing the topic. So, let’s directly jump into the ways to improve performance.

Use onBlur to update the state from the input value

Instead of updating state or redux store directly from the input element, I prefer using the onBlur property rather than onChange. onChange critically creates so many performance issues especially when used with redux, so try to avoid it.

User Pure component for static components

If you are sure that any particular child component is static or won’t aesthetically change frequently, then make it a pure component. …

Installing Firebase with Tailwind CSS in Next JS


Although I have already covered stories on installing Next JS and installing Firebase in Next JS and installing Tailwind CSS in Next JS. But in today’s story, we will create a complete Full-Stack repository with Firebase, Tailwind CSS installed in Next JS.

Getting started

The basic and foremost step is to install the required packages. We will be needing the following packages —

  • tailwindcss
  • postcss
  • autoprefixer
  • firebase
yarn add firebase tailwindcss postcss autoprefixer

Once the packages are installed we need 2 steps to follow -

  • Add firebase credentials and initialize firebase
  • Add tailwindcss configuration…

No such thing exists until I thought of developing it.

Photo by William Felker on Unsplash

Yes, probably this theme management system comes under the Content management system only, not sure. But having a single theme control or management is so powerful as we can simply hand over our website look in the hands of a non-technical employee of the company or to the marketing team.

This whole story begins in the real world when one of the marketing managers insist on our team changing the frontend theme during the auspicious Diwali occasion. Changing everything manually in the code was the pain in my ass. …

Real coolness is to wake and do want you want to do every day, even when you have the anxiety to lose and fear to fail.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Last year around December I quit my job. I immediately went to the mountains for the one-month long break. I am from India and we have mighty Himalayas(of course we have beaches too) to spend some really good time in nature.

The story begins from my trip to the mountains, I was working with my first ever client on a small project. My daily routine in the mountains was to wake up take a…

It’s a fun yet powerful game, let me teach you how to do it.

Design creative

If you have visited our website(iHateReading) each and every section is having its own theme own set of colours. I haven’t please do check as this is so appealing experience.

First of all, Understand the difference between dark and light toggling theme and Switching themes. Switching the themes is different because we don’t work with 2 types of colours instead we can have multiples not even sure how many colours in this section.

Deciding the themes

The very foremost step is to decide the themes, you can choose as…

The secret to developing reusable components.

Photo by on Unsplash

I have recently published a story about UI libraries for React Native. I’ve worked with React Native Paper, React Native Elements, Native base, and so on. I’ve used all the listed libraries, either in the professional domain or personal projects.

Well, to be honest, I didn’t face any major issues or problems with these UI libraries. They made development so much easier. But from my designing experience, I can certainly say that these libraries are not relying on the scope of negative space.

Negative space is basically an empty space being laid in the…

What a sweet gesture to all mothers on this mother day. I hope they share my article with my mother without telling me☺.

Challenge Screenshot on Vocal website

About Vocal

Vocal is the same platform as Medium with a slight difference, instead of publications, Vocal has communities and you only have to publish your article on one of these communities.

In addition, their paying policy is a bit different from Medium. They do pay to every writer irrespective of the reader's category either subscribed or unsubscribed, you will get paid for every single read.

I am not here to abashed Medium or endorse writing on Vocal, I…

Working with the most popular front-end framework with React.

Screenshot of the final product.

To be honest I am a big fan of Material UI and Tailwind CSS when it comes to UI or styling library in Frontend with react. That doesn’t mean I hate bootstrap or its competitors the matter is subjective so can’t argue more on it.

Recently, I wrote an article on Bootstrap version 5 new release, I saw the snippets examples of version 5 and I really loved it.

I love the front end because of this simple, clean, minimalistic full of colours UI we are creating day by day.

For example, just open the dribble website see how, clean…

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