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Probably you were using Flatlist in the wrong way, here are tips and tricks

Daily Design Inspiration

Under the hood

Last year, I was working on a cryptocurrency-based startup. we have developed a mobile application that was serving almost 5 Lakhs users, it was going good until a few comments on the google play store start getting more shares and likes. That comment was bashing our application because of his performance, our application in few devices specially older ones is lag a lot or even gets shut down in some cases. …

Jotting down the top 5 modules you will require for your next Node.js project.

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Under the Hood

The story begins when I was creating a Node.js project for a client. I was constantly doing repetitive work like creating the same architecture for different clients every time. Only a few additional changes were required to be added, the rest remained the same for almost all the clients across different domains.

Back then, this idea of writing once and using everywhere landed in my mind. I create a platform to avail all the required reusable repositories for your next web application project.

Explore all the…

Mostly and widely used packages for your next React project

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Under the Hood

The story begins when we create reusable repositories storage iHateReading.
We list down the most reusable npm packages because every time we have to reinstall them then and back, again and again. So we thought to automate the process by creating reusable repositories.

To get reusable repositories reach here - iHateReading Explore

In today’s story, we’ll have a glimpse of the most used npm packages for your next React project.

Let’s not waste the time and directly start from the first module -

Next Js

This is not the npm module but…

Manage your website typography from one centralized system.

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Under the Hood

I took the inspiration for today’s story from most UI libraries' typography systems and one problem statement. Let me explain, one of the designers from our team in iHateReading directly wants me to change the styling for some texts and heading. In addition, the designer wants me to add some dark theme support to the entire website.

Well, at once this might look like an easy task, it's not difficult, but having a codebase for almost a year and now changing every text is a bit of tired and manual work which every developer will hate to do.

Getting Started

Now, we…

Discussing some top javascript array methods used in developers daily life


Under the Hood

The story begins when I was writing a story on how to remove duplicates from javascript. I was asked that question in an interview so I covered a story on that, in today’s story, I will be covering the most used array methods of javascript. Most of the time whether is data from an API endpoint or rendering hardcoded data in UI working with the array is quite common.

It’s always a good way to have this method on the top of your finger as these were asked most…

This one component develops the layout for your entire website.

Find more here

Under the Hood

The concept for React of making reusable components and the idea behind writing once and using everywhere every time is quite powerful. I loved it and being a freelance developer most of my clients have at least 2/3 features or products in common which I’ve already developed so, instead of wasting time to write the same logic again I reuse it.

Likewise, I’ve created almost all the frontend UI libraries installation processes which you can find in the below link. …

Getting Started with React Query in Next JS project

Our Website

Under the Hood

The story begins when I continuous saw the new post about react query and its power of caching the data and re-fetching it whenever required. This blows my mind because we do have to write the caching logic in the frontend or we have to use Redis in the backend to maintain the cache data.

But React Query comes with the upper hand on this issue, they provide easy custom hooks and a root provider to get started as quickly as possible.

Getting Started

In today’s story, we will not be going much into detail about React Query instead I am attaching…

You might have to confront the similar type of questions in all javascript interview

Find more such stories

Under the Hood

Recently, I was interviewed in one of the companies for a Full-Stack development role, where I was thrown a question related to javascript scopes. Its have been years since I read about the scopes of javascript variables constructors. So, in today’s story, we will discuss and learn what is the meaning of scope and the difference between the variables constructor scopes.


If you google it then you will find this as an explanation about scope in javascript.

The scope is a policy that manages the availability…

The question they will ask you in your next interview✌️😁

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Under the Hood

So far, most of my stories have been shown a decent amount of love from you all people, I am so glad for it. The love most of the readers have showered (including Medium) helps me to redefine the way I present my stories.

Earlier, I used to feel like writing stories on JavaScript basic methods, who will read it, and how it can help the readers. But, a big BUT!, …

To all developer who wants to learn React

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Under the Hood

The story begins when one of my friends called me asking for the details to develop an e-commerce product. He was a bit confused among the 2 choices whether to go with a custom made application developer from scratch using react and node or to use Webflow or Wordpress like third party interfaces to create the basic minimum viable product.

I am sure you yourself was and will be in this situation where you are not sure about creating an application from scratch but how to and where to start from. …

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